Tara McAteer

Tara McAteer joined Space in 2017 and hit the ground running promoting Space and Love your Space. She is dedicated and driven, up for any challenge to raise funds-even jumping out of an airplane didn’t deter her.

Raising cash and applying for grants, filling in form after form and being successful was her aim.

The idea of a new shop called The Good Space came to pass so Tara began running around like Mo Fara, finding quirky goods to fill the shelves, she must have worn those Empowerment Pants cause she pulled it all together. Meeting and greeting, plotting and planning kept her busy on her usual diet of nuts and seeds.

Candles became important product, so again Tara was there ordering and pricing and came up with the ACORN brand, and of course with her sense of fun concocted our Sassy, Classy and a Bity Smart Assy, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers and Unicorn Farts—and how did she manage to get that scent in a bottle???? Don’t ask.

Her willingness to get stuck in and give everything a go, I have to say, she puts on quite a show!

Of course, she needs a chill pill, so off she goes to the gym or a yoga class, but most of the time she loves spending her time with her dog Molly, that she loves so much!