Supporting People & Communities

Community Development at Space

Health & Well Being

Space has been active on community development initiatives since 2004 across the Southern Trust area, our vision to have a healthy and active population where each person has access to services and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Community development work in Space has involved wide reaching programmes, activities and projects including, community service, and community action. Informed by an ethos of empowerment, & self-help and we deliver strength-based services that are participant led and avoid stigma.

Space staff and volunteers believe in lobbying, influencing and resourcing to achieve better outcomes, Improved services and a more connected society.

Older People

Space provides a range of services and supports for Older people including the Comfort Zone Warrenpoint, Mourne home2 Hospital, signposting and guidance on community-based services and practical support to individuals and organisations in need of short term interventions

Space has represented older people`s needs through the ICP development for Newry and Mourne, Wellbeing Action Partnership & is currently lead on the Good Relations Peace Funded project coming on line Autumn 2018.

Strengthening Communities

In addition to the overall impact on general health and well-being, SPACE work cuts across a range of other policy concerns i.e. mental health, Early Intervention, Rural Isolation, cohesion and social inclusion agendas. For many decades the field of sociology has illustrated that involvement in community networks and groups are not only beneficial to the individual, but also for the community at large. In fact, `One of the most influential writers on the subject of social capital, Robert Putnam, claims that;” the more integrated we are with our community the less likely we are to experience colds, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and depression‟. Although the levels of poverty, deprivation and general inequality within a given location also impact on the health and well-being of the population, Putnam’s statement above does resonate with the work of SPACE