Noreen McConville

Noreen McConville is the retail manager of Love Your Space. She joined the team just over a year ago and we can’t imagine the place without her—she wears many hats without ever messing her hair!

Noreen is the mama hen in Love Your SPACE. She oversees the volunteers, listens to their woes, gives advise and generally keeps them right. They would be lost without her.

Noreen is a grafter who likes to “bog on”…”as the man says”. Most days you can find her hoking about the back of the shop uncovering donated treasure to sell. She keeps herself busy tidying and making our windows beautiful. She very crafty (as in likes to craft) so she’s the perfect candidate to support our young people who make our Acorn and Sassy Soy candles.

As a long standing resident of Newry, Noreen has so many colloquial expressions the Canadian staff can barely make out what she’s saying half the time.

With a passion for vodka and sun Noreen is always ready to jump on a plane with her two gorgeous daughters, a friend or just about anyone who’s going to a hot destination to sit on a beach and drink vodka cocktails.