Kate Cahill

Kate is our cat-loving, tea-making mother figure of the team! Her desk drawer of treasures is sure to have everything from medicines to chocolate, safety pins to coffee, and everything in between. Her kind and helpful nature make her personality a perfect fit for the role of a family support worker; she always goes above and beyond for her families and other people’s needs. Kate’s selflessness and obliging ways means she is always willing to organise, assist her colleagues and attend events on behalf of SPACE. Never one to shy away from new challenges, she has been able to empower her families and lead programmes, through a wealth of life experience and previous lines of work in the community and voluntary sector.
Her helpful ways have also landed her into a number of testing situations, including rehoming a neighbour’s cat, trekking around Castlewellan Park at our summer schemes & completing a Mourne Home to Hospital trip in her first few weeks of working with us. She may be found in Sunray Bakery at lunchtime – ordering her staple sausages, chips & beans (paired with tea and brown sauce of course!).