Allison Slater
Operations Manager

Married to Iain, mum to Caitie and Cameron, Allison is the sort of woman you need in a crisis, calm collected and always ready to break into a cheesy 80`s rock anthem, Allison is a cool calm cookie with a poor taste in music.

Obsessed with horses, Allison spends most of her earnings, time and non working thoughts with or thinking about her beloved horses, horse shows, horse blankets, horse food, horse trainers, horse therapy, and loves nothing better than sharing tall tales over a glass of Tanqueray with like-minded horsey friends.

With a background in third sector management spanning Cyprus, England and Germany, Allison has brought a wealth of creativity, innovation and care to the Space world. Living among the rolling hills of County Down, Allison is the least popular staff member to share a taxi home with, she lives on the bumpiest, bendiest, blindest road in the country and often falls victim to snow drifts, flooding and hurricane damage.

Allison has an academic background in Social Policy, with post grad diploma’s (WITH DISTINCTION less we forget) in sustainable finance and first line management and an attitude that is focused on getting stuff done!

Allison is our pragmatic operations manager, who rounds up the troops, minds the staff, keeps us right in relation to Policy and governance and is an all round top Spacer

Prone to losing her keys, her phone, her charger, her diary, Allison is often in need of reminding to collect her daughter/ husband/ son/mother/sister, Allison’s first love is clearly the four legged equine variety! In time …..Allison will realise her dream of living beside a lake in Italy, surrounded by horses and dogs where everyone will be welcome to eat wonderful Italian food and drink copious quantities of red wine – our own SPACE horsey place in the sun, would be definitely worth a visit!