Support services

available to families

in the local area.

Family Support

What is a Family Support Hub?


A group of voluntary, community and statutory organisations who meet to match requests for family support to the most appropriate services. The organisations involved have good knowledge of the support services available to families in the local area.

Family Support Hubs intend to:

  • Support parents and children at the earliest possible opportunity by ensuring that family support service provider’s work together.
  • Improve access to family support services for all parents and children.
  • Help planners know what families need in order to provide better services.

Where are the Hubs and when do Hub meetings take place?.

There are three Family Support Hubs in the Southern area who meet once per month as follows:

  • Armagh and Dungannon – last Friday of the month
  • Portadown/ Craigavon/ Banbridge – last Tuesday of the month
  • Newry and Mourne – last Thursday of the month

Who is involved in the Family Support Hub?

Statutory, voluntary and community organisations who provide support services to families.

What are the roles of these organisations?

All of these organisations provide early intervention family support services and could be able to help your family. They also have a good knowledge of other family support providers in the community that could offer help. Social work representatives are also involved to ensure that help from social services can be provided if your family needs it.

How do I make a referral to a Family Support Hub?

A referral to a Family Support Hub can be made by completing a referral form which must have either parental consent, or the consent of the young person if over 16 years old. The completed referral form should be sent to the Family Support Hub in your locality.


What details are shared with the Hub?

Your details are only shared with the organisations involved in the Hub with your consent. In order to consent to your details being shared, you will be asked by the person making the referral on your behalf to sign the form. The information shared on the referral form is necessary to allow the Hub to decide the best type of service to meet your needs. If significant concerns emerge about you or any child in your family it may be necessary to share information about your circumstances without your consent. This will only ever occur if it is considered necessary to protect a child and you will be advised of this.

What happens after the Hub meeting?

We will write to you to confirm which organisation can help your family and will send a copy of this letter to whoever referred you. The organisation who has agreed to offer you support will contact you directly to arrange to meet with you.

What Information about me is kept by the Hub?

The Hub will keep a copy of your referral form. Once your referral has been allocated, we will collect and dispose of all other copies of the referral form.

We will ask the organisations who have agreed to provide support to you to confirm that they have started; that you completed the programme with them and if the support was of benefit to your family.

How can I be sure that the Hub respects my confidentiality?

All organisations taking part in the Hub have signed an Information Sharing Protocol that sets out the legal basis for sharing information.

Statutory, voluntary and community organisations who provide support services to families. 

For further information about the Family Support Hub in your locality please contact:


Pat McGeough

Young People’s Partnership Barnardos

15 Abbey Street, Armagh,

BT61 7DX

Tel: 02837510122



Rachel Long

Child and Parenting Support (CAPS) NIACRO

26 Carleton Street, Portadown Co Armagh,

BT62 3EP

Tel: 02838331168



Jacinta Linden SPACE

24 Monaghan Street, Newry,

BT35 6AA

Tel: 02830835764


To download a Referral Form CLICK HERE. Once completed drop into your nearest HUB!